Line Art

Mini Poinsettia

Sheet# A-01150
SAU 2 x 7 col. in. and 1 x 3.5 col. in.

[Copy:] With Optimara Mini Poinsettias, you can fit a big holiday tradition just about anywhere.

No larger than a coffee cup, these beautiful Mini Poinsettias are ideal for office settings as well as dinner settings. Their warm, red foliage adds a festive touch that brings the gift-giving season to everyone on your list. For any occasion where people and the holiday spirit can be found together.

Each Optimara Mini Poinsettia comes with its own self-watering MiniWell. Made of durable crystal styrene, the MiniWell provides an attractive way to make plant care simple.

Optimara Mini Poinsettias. For Everyone on Your List.


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