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Optimara is the most recognized African Violet trademark in the world. With research and development facilities in the U.S. and Germany, Optimara is continually developing characteristics which contribute to the introduction of new varieties, while enhancing exisiting ones. Currently, Optimara markets over 200 African Violet varieties, including genuine miniatures (2-inch pot size) and super miniatures (1-inch pot size), as well as standard African Violets (4-inch pot size or larger). Among the innovations, for which Optimara is solely responsible, are non-dropping flowers (now the standard in the industry) and continuous blooming. As work continues on the "Space Violet" program, the number of new characteristics, now being cultivated, will almost certainly leave a lasting impact on the industry.

In addition to premium, full-blooming African Violets, Optimara manufactures a full line of plant care products. Among these are the many, inexpensive self-watering devices which allow consumers to water plants for up to two weeks at a time. Other products in the Optimara plant care line include Optimara Violet Food 14-12-14 and an ultralight, soilless potting medium formulated specifically for flowering plants.

To enhance the marketing efforts of retailers and distributors, Optimara provides complete, ongoing support in the way of in-store merchandising and other promotional materials. In addition to counter displays, which are easy to set up and can be shipped in-pack, Optimara offers a free-standing display which provides light and water to African Violets. All displays and packing materials are designed to make set-up quick and easy, and with the advent of Optimara's WaterShip Instant Merchandising program, many Violets can now be shipped with water to make the plants all but maintenance-free. Optimara also offers a full selection of value-added products, such as Optimara Self-Watering Ceramics, a line of decorative containers which also make African Violets easier to grow.

Finally, growers of Optimara Violets receive the added benefit of Optimara's knowledge and expertise. For more than half a century, Optimara has been growing and developing African Violets for markets around the world. Armed with this experience, Optimara can provide complete grower support for all aspects of greenhouse operations, including cultivation, packing and shipping, and the treatment and prevention of disease and pests.

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