African Violet Series

In addition to their variety name, Optimara Violets are often grouped into one of a number of series. Violets grouped into the same series will have one or more common characteristics. Most often, an Optimara series designates a group of Violets which have the same pot size. In other cases, however, an Optimara series is developed around flower and leaf characteristics.

Below is a list of the Optimara series.Artists Palette

  • Little Jewel Series. The Little Jewel series features genuine super miniature African Violets (1-inch pot size). Each variety is named for a type of precious or semi-precious stone, such Little Diamond, Little Ruby and Little Sapphire. More information.
  • Victorian Charm Series. The Victorian Charm series feature standard African Violets (4-inch pot size) with variegated leaves. Each variety is named for a virtue identified with the Victorian era, such as Tradition, Modesty and Affection (shown right).
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