Premium 4" African Violets

Optimara's selection of Premium African Violets features over 100 full-blooming varieties, including Violets from the popular Artist's Palette and Victorian Charm series. These are the varieties which have made Optimara the most recognized African Violet in the world. All are the product of years of research and development which aims to make Optimara Violets not only beautiful, but easy to grow. Optimara Violets are shipped in 4-inch pots by themselves (Item# 40040) or with a decorative unicover (Item# 40046). They are also available with the self-watering MaxiWell or Self-Watering Ceramics. In addition, growers and distributors can take advantage of the many marketing and merchandising materials that Optimara offers, such as the self-watering, self-lighting TLC Display. To download a poster in PDF format showing all active 4" varieties, click here.

Optimara Violets in the Self-Watering MaxiWell

Optimara Violets are available in the popular, self-watering MaxiWell (Item# 40050). The Optimara MaxiWell is the original self-watering device for 4-inch Optimara Violets. While very attractive, it provides customers with a reliable and inexpensive way to make sure their African Violets are receiving just the right amount of water.

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Optimara Violets in Self-Watering Ceramics

As a value-added feature that doesn't add a lot of cost, Optimara Self-Watering Ceramics offer more than just another pretty vase. Optimara Ceramics are elegantly sculpted from heavy-cast porcelain and glazed to produce an attractive container that is also very durable. Finishes include many eye-catching designs, both traditional and contemporary, and they are available to fit all Optimara 4-inch varieties.

Ceramic Love SeatSelf-Watering

Optimara Self-Watering Ceramics use the patented Optimara wicking system to draw the proper amount of water from the container into the soil. It's the same self-watering feature that has made the Optimara MaxiWell so popular with growers of African Violets.

The World's Most Popular House Plant

For gift shoppers and impulse buyers, Optimara Violets provide even more promotional opportunities when merchandised with Optimara Ceramics. As holiday gifts or home accents, Optimara Ceramics offer an irresistible appeal to anyone who knows the value of a good thing.

Ceramics especially design for Optimara 4" Violets include:

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