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Water - Too Cold


African Violets need water that is approximately the same temperature as the air around them. When the water is too cold, it chills the roots of Violets, causing leaves to curl down as the water is absorbed into the plant. If watering from the top, cold water can also cause Leaf Spotting. (Also see Water On Leaves.)

Distinguishing Symptoms

If your African Violet exhibits this symptom, and there is no evidence of Mites, then the Violet may be getting water that is too cold. However, the only way to know for sure is to check the water. If it is significantly colder than the air temperature around your Violet, then the water is too cold.

Other Symptoms

Note: In cases of Violets getting water that is too cold, Violets will produce brown or yellow spots on leaves which come into direct contact with the water. Also, any spots caused by cold water will be dry, i.e., they are not mushy.


The only treatment is to simply begin using water that is room temperature. Leaf spots cannot be removed.


Always water your African Violets with room-temperature water.

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