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Some of the most notorious viruses known to attack African Violets are Stunt and Tobacco Mosaic. These and other viruses often accompany other pests and pathogens. Such is the case with Aphids, Mealy Bugs and Scale, all of which are known to pass viruses onto host plants as they feed on them. In almost all cases, a virus is fatal to African Violets. The best control for viruses is, therefore, prevention.

Distinguishing Symptoms

If your African Violet exhibits either of these symptoms, it may have a virus. If you have ruled out other possible causes of the symptoms, but you are still unsure whether or not your Violet has a virus, contact your local botanical garden or agricultural extension office. If they agree to examine the plant, be sure to seal the Violet in a plastic bag in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Other Symptoms


Unfortunately, there is no treatment for viruses which attack African Violets. The best treatment is to simply dispose of all infected plants in order to prevent further spread.


Always wash hands and disinfect tools before handling your Violets. Be on the look out for insects which may carry viruses. Such insects include Aphids, Mealy Bugs and Scale.

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