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Temperature - Too Warm


African Violets prefer a temperature of about 70 degrees F. Though many Violets will tolerate temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees or higher, they will perform best when day and night temperatures vary no more than five degrees either way. If the temperature gets too warm, African Violets will suffer.

Distinguishing Symptoms

While it may be difficult to distinguish the symptoms of excessive heat from those of other conditions, you can be sure that your Violet's poor performance is at least partly due to the heat when the temperature rises to 85 degrees or higher.

Other Symptoms


To prevent shock, gradually lower temperature to about 70 degrees F. Keep in mind that a change in temperature will have a corresponding effect on transpiration and evaporation rates. In fact, the rate of water evaporation from the leaves will decrease by 50 percent with each decrease of 10 degrees F. Therefore, as you lower the air temperature around your African Violet, you will almost certainly need to decrease the amount and/or frequency of the water your Violet receives.


Maintain air temperature to as close to 70 degrees F as possible. Do not be concerned if the temperature fluctuates up to five degrees either way. In fact, some hybrids require as much as a 10 degree difference between day and night temperatures in order to produce optimal flowering.

For more about proper temperature and other factors of air quality, see "Caring for African Violets."

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