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During the natural cycle of your African Violet, it may exhibit many "symptoms" which are not necessarily indicative of any pest or pathogen. While some of these symptoms may seem startling, they are perfectly natural and provide no cause for concern.


There are no tell-tale "symptoms" which can assure you that your African Violet is only experiencing its natural cycle and not something more serious. While your Violet may exhibit any of the symptoms listed below, it will generally appear healthy in all other respects. Beyond this, the only sure way to determine that a symptom is just part of the plant's natural cycle is to eliminate all other possible causes.


Aside from keeping your African Violet warm and comfortable, there is no treatment for its natural cycle. However, when your Violet's natural cycle results in spent leaves or flowers, these should be removed. This will go a long way in keeping away those pests which feed or take shelter beneath decaying organic matter, while preventing the onset of fungi and other harmful pathogens.


There is no way to prevent an African Violet from going through its natural cycle.

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