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As unlikely as it may seem, Cockroaches are actually a very common pest of African Violets and cause a lot of damage. They feed on both the foliage and flowers of African Violets, sometimes devouring entire blooms and eating large chunks from the leaves. Because they are quick and feed at night, Cockroaches can be difficult to detect.

Distinguishing Symptoms

If your African Violet has these symptoms, it is probably being attacked by Cockroaches.

Other Symptoms


To rid your Violets of Cockroaches, place baited Cockroach traps among your plants, or apply a household Cockroach spray (as directed on the label). Both should be available from your local hardware store or garden center. When using a spray, do not apply directly to your Violets.


Keep your growing area clean. Minimize the presence of food sources which may attract Cockroaches to your Violets.

Important Note on the Use of Pesticides

Please note that almost all pesticides are formulated for specific uses and conditions. When applied incorrectly, pesticides can cause ill health or damage to plants. Therefore, when using any kind of pesticide or chemical treatment, always apply as indicated on the product label.

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